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Default Extracting your playlist?

I'm curious if you can just take out your playlist and make a copy of it on your pc without having to install emodio or something

Mostly because I reformatted my pc without backing up any files (retarded I know) but all my songs are on my P3 but I'm lazy and yeah :v
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Do you mean the pre set ones? If so, no.
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If you made one outside the preset playlists 1-5? is it, then you can, you can't access the preset ones.

If you like I can get you the format for the playlist files (.spl). If I recall off the top of my head, they are in Unicode so a basic text editor like notepad might not quite do the trick. Not sure if Notepad has unicode support.
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you cannpt access/edit the built-in playlists in any way. retarted, I know...
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