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I had the same problem too. My OK key was gone. As I tried to press harder in that portion and in frustration pressed hard all over the whole screen also then even the whole screen ended up with no response whatsoever. My P3 was an import set so I had no warranty... I thought I was really screwed and I have had it for just around 6 months

Then I noticed that the P3 face was pressing against the display as I pressed on it. So since I had nothing to lose, I opened up my P3 as shown in the Disassembly thread (thanks trikoon) and put some stickit around the edges of the screen to act as spacer. I also loosen the screws that hold the metal frame to the screen and then put it back together.

Now I have my touch response back. Don't dare to press hard against the screen any more though.... feather touches only

Maybe the problem is due to the soft plastic face deforming from too many presses?

I hope this could help someone.
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