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Default The P3's screen defiantly amazing!

I tested the P3's screen the other day at work just to prove my point about the screen being scratch resistant!

My heart sunk a little but I allowed some friends to try to scratch the screen using any metal key they wish, I tried too with some sharp keys but none left even a small mark even using a LOAD of force.

I wouldn't have if I didn't see the test using a knife on here already .

Makes you wonder why they bother to countersink the screen as I don't think it needs it!
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the cowon s9 also has a realy resistant screen as shown in the abi vid
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I don't know what that guy did to his in that other thread. You know, the one I'm too lazy to look up right now.
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I think he dropped his. As for mine being scratched, I have no idea. Maybe there's diamond dust around here or something :\
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u spelled definitely wrong
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Originally Posted by pigs_fly View Post
u spelled definitely wrong
You spelled "you" wrong.
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Yea, and stay off of my lawn
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yes, the screen is amazing, I just wish the back didn't dent so easily... the p2 had that problem also...
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I think my screen is defective! Once I heard about the P3's screen being almost impossible to scratch, I took off the screen cover and got a scratch the first day. Now I have too many scratches to count on the screen...
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I only have scratches from dropping the player. Your not gonna get a lot of problems unless your sleeping and have it and a sharp metal object in your pocket. Or walking around vice versa(which is just asking for it really)
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O.o wow...

I only got this tiny scratch on it.....maybe there's something in my bag that I don't know about ToT because even my billions of keys and pins didn't scratch it >o<
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For extra protection, I bought a $1 case from Dollartopia for my P3
My screen is scratch-proof as well... Tried it with a paper knife. It's like Glass.

PS: Depending where you live in the world, for example: P3 touchscreens made in Argentina may be manufactured using different materials than a P3 touchscreen manufactured in Europe or North America.
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