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Well I haven't looked at this thread since shortly after I started it, but I'm glad I checked it tonight. I bought two replacements listed on ebay from the seller "$$$$$saver" and one was leaking so I had to send it back (actually they said to keep it and sent a replacement so no hassle there). Performance definitely is not 20 hours though.

If you google the product number from the ebay store ad in the previous post, "E4H04-1-R", you will also find this link to a source in Canada: Price is in the same ballpark, shipping might be cheaper and this source might not disappear as fast as the ebay Hong Kong store. I think as long as you have the product number you should be able to find a replacement online, but if you need one three years from now it's doubtful that the one you get will have been stored in the retailer's refrigerator!

drkoraf has made a real discovery here.

OT to moderator: please consider changing the login scheme for Anything But iPod so that Firefox can remember the user name and PW.
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