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"US samsung support product specialist"
Let me laugh If there is a Samsung Expert somewhere, that would rather be me for instance...
All U5 are the same. There is no US model particularly.
Only region code changes. So if he has a KR region code, that's normal there is no "pc connection" option because it is only UMS
I reviewed the U5 and I changed several times the region code with the famous easy config.dat trick that works with any Samsung mp3 player. And there is this option with FR and EU region code. And most likely with US region code too. And if ever there isn't this option with the US region code, you can change it into EU to get it..
So there is absolutely no reason to doubt

I just checked the US website:
"OS Compatibility MTP: Windows Vista or XP, WMP10 or higher
UMS: Windows Vista or XP or 2000 USB Connection(MTP/UMS) Yes "
So so...I hope your "Samsung specialist" is not well paid for his poor knowledges lol
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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