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Okay, played around with the "Add to Playlist Option". It only lets you add music to one of the 5 built in playlists, which as far as I know, only allow 200 tracks per list.

You can add any music you are browsing to any of the 5 playlists.

So essentially you can start listing to anything (playlist, album, now playing). While the tune is playing, you can then goto your music screen and choose any option (Album, Artist, file browser) and then hit the bottom of the screen and choose add to playlist. So if you selected album option, then selected an album, you can then add the whole album at this point while listening to whatever song you are listing to. You don't actually have to be listening to any of the songs you are adding to one of the 5 built in playlists even though you can always add what you are listening to too.

This feature ONLY works on adding to the built in playlists. External playlists still require external software for management. ie P3 Buddy or Emodio. I don't know of any others that create P3 spl format playlists.
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