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Originally Posted by Gustaf N View Post
I have a NWZ S639. Im really struggeling with the creation of playlists. Tried with both Media Monkey and WMP and yes it works but somehow it creates double copies of the song i wish to add to my playlist. For example lets asume i add "song 2 -blur" to my playlist. If i just want to listen to that specific Blur album then it will play "Song 2" twice, just after each other. Annoying!

Please explain how you creates your playlist. Dont really care what program i have to use, just want it to work!!!
I use MediaMonkey Gold (the paid version) to manage my music collection. I've not had the duplication problem that you've experienced when creating manual playlists. With manual playlists, I just drag and drop the songs into the playlist.

However, I rarely use manual playlists. The only time I use manual playlists is when I'm creating a playlist that contains unrelated songs that I want to play in specific order.

In MediaMonkey to create a manual playlist, I just right click on "Playlists" on the side list, select "New Playlist," and then name the new playlist. To add songs to the playlist, I either drag-and-drop them into the playlist, or right click on the song and send it to the playlist.

As an example, I'm working on a manual playlist called "Original and Parody." It is a playlist which contains original songs (like the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love") with each followed by its parody (like "All You Need Is Elves" by Bob Rivers). In this case, a manual playlist is the only way I've found to easily do it.

For the most part, when creating playlists I use autoplaylist function. With autoplaylists, rather than having to drag and drop the songs into a playlist, you create a playlist based on criteria. Only tracks that meet the all of the autoplaylist criteria will appear in the playlist. For example, I have an autoplaylist called "Favorites." It's a playlist that contain only songs that are rated five stars and arranges them in alphanumeric order.

I hope that helps.
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