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Default A few Basic questions

Hey, im looking at buying a p3, but i have a few basic questions.

1)is there any sort of custom firmware/hacks for it?
2)does it support ipod touch apps? (cracked or not, doesnt matter)
3)can it run doom? (the original one... best game ever made imho)
4)if there are hacks, are there any decent emulators avalible?
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1) No
2) No
3) No
4) No

There arent' any PMPs that can match up with the Ipod Touch right now in the area of apps/games, with the exception of the Zune HD, slowly making progress
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Yep, unfortunately no for all of them as above. This DAP really shines in music and video.
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yeah, sadly, the answer is no to all of them. you *might* find a flash game that you would like, but I doubt it... :P
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No, it does have flash but primarily it's an audio and video player.
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