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Default rainbow navigation wheel

Materials needed:
sticky notes
clear tape
black sharpie

to have two different shades of color for your navigation wheel (pic #1)

Easy Steps:
1. remove back and front covers with a screw driver.
2. choose a color of sticky note
red - blue to purple
orange - blue to peach
green - blue to blue-green
(those were all that i tried)
3. cut a VERY small slice of the sticky note (preferably the sticky side)
the slice should not be bigger than .5cm x 1 cm (pic #2)
4. place a small piece of tape onto the slice and squirm the slice and tape it directly over a LED. (pic #3)
5. at this time, you can turn on your player to see if the slide is effective. adjust the slice if necessary. (pic #5)
6. continue with the other three LEDs.

hint: make sure that the slice do NOT move around because you'll have to open your player back up to readjust the slice (very annoying trust me) everytime it slips off the LEDs.

Optional (better result)
7. for those who wish to achieve a darker shade or what not.
before you put the slice onto the LED
take a small piece of tape
darken it with the sharpie (pic #4)
put it on the slice
and proceed onto taping it to the LED

hopefully you did everything right and it turned out great!
if you don't like the color change it up mix some colors together be creative.
i did this mod about a month ago and did not have any problems with it so i created this thread so others can share this rather cool mod.

have fun!
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to have two different shades of color for your navigation wheel (pic #1)
Haha nice

If you were more adventurous, you could replace the onboard LEDs with new ones, then you could have a red/green/yellow/blue scrollwheel
Alas... iSheep now with iPhone
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