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Default FM Transmitter

Hi All,

I am trying to find a FM transmitter for the Spinn but alas no joy for one designed for it i.e. plug it in and it charges and transmits to the stereo in my car. So I am left with 2 options, either a generic one with a usb port or a bluetooth transmitter.

Three questions:

1. Does anyone know if they are going to or have made a fm transmitter for the Spinn?

2. If not what is the best one to get?

3. Has anyone tried using one of the fm bluetooth transmitters with the spinn and did it actually work as I am unsure as it says it is for headphones only? I would rather go bluetooth then plug in via the jack

I am interested to see what guys think.
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I'm not sure if anyone has made an FM transmitter for the Spinn, but I do have, and use, the iRiver AFT 100 Mobile FM Transmitter that can be used with any MP3 player (just plug it into your headphone jack).

It does not charge but it works very well. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and it works all throughout the suburban area as well as San Francisco. The FM dial is pretty crowded but the transmitter does a great job cancelling out the radio station and the music from your MP3 player comes through loud and clear.

You can pick this up inexpensively at Amazon and other online sites.
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Ok for those interested I went out and bought the Venturi Mini Bluetooth Car Kit and I am very impressed, it plugs into the cigarette lighter connects to the Spinn via bluetooth then transmits it to the car stereo over the FM, i can highly recommend. It also doubles up as a bluetooth hands free car kit and has a 3mm aux in and usb charge point in it.
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