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There is a huge amount of variability in the end sound quality of a set of BT headphones; just as there are a great number of opinions of the usefulness of BT headphones. You can not base your opinion on someone else's judgement or opinion. Most of it boils down you qualities you desire in a headset and the compromises your willing to make. The same holds true for wired heaphones, IEM, etc.

Some people here have found some happiness with BT and others have not. I could give you my opinion but yours really is the only one that matters.

My Opinion:
I haven't tried my S805 with the P3 but it did not shine with the P2 due to the lackluster BT output on the P2. There is some compression involved with it's output and probably is not suited for critical listening. But with other devices (mobile phones, yp-t9, computers), I was quite pleasantly surprised with the S805.

I just got a 32GB P3 so maybe I'll test this pair together.

The biggest beef I had with the S805 was the build quality. The copy I have suffers from various broken plastic bits. I was not impressed with it's durability.
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