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Originally Posted by sdonati84 View Post
If you have read the thread I have started to write all in English.
Yes I did read the thread and that's why I responded in kind and didn't just kill the whole thread.

Originally Posted by sdonati84 View Post
The only italian post was a reply to another user that was asking something to me in Italian. So I don't think I've been so wrong in writing a single answer in Italian. I think that what you've written in the post above is a bit excessive. It's not a problem... I think I'll create a forum/site specifically dedicated to m1 and I won't post anymore on this forum.
I speak English/Spanish, others speak German, while others French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. etc. etc. ... (apologies to others that I didn’t mention your language). If we don't have a common language and follow rules, the site would be cluster hectic place and if you let one go, many more will come and then they can say “hey you let sdonati84 and france_mala get away with it … Well regardless, good luck with the site and please abide by our forum rules if you wish to continue here.

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