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Help Can X-Fi2 use 3rd party AV Cable?

Hey guys, Can X-Fi2 use 3rd party AV Cable(w/ 3.5mm input)?
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It depends on the cable. Not all are wired the same. In my collection are 4 different cables that look the same, yet only one of them works with my X-Fi2. Your results may vary.
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by when my xfi2 comes (around wednesday I guess). I'll test it out with the nokia 5800 cable see if it works.

Olley, could you post what brand/price your cables are including the ones that don't work, so we have a sorta list we can rely and build upon?
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I bought an A/V cable from London Drugs for $15. It is made by Electrohome. It has the 3.5mm plug at one end and the 3 RCA plugs at the other.
I had to switch the cables so that the red cable was plugged into the yellow Video spot on my TV, the white went into the white, and the yellow plug went into the red spot on the tv. It is still stereo.

Here is the link:

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^yea i had to do the same thing wit the red into the yellow spot and etc...

i just got some cheap cord from the 99cents store...its the same one i used with my vision m...
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