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" I'll look at the clip+. The fuze may be worthy as that has a video display. "

Video on the Fuze is poor quality and a headache. It is best avoided. Photos on the Fuze are worthwhile though. Otherwise the Fuze is a great budget player. The Fuze and Clip+ will let you play part of a book, some music, then turn off the player, and it will guide you back to the last played audiobook file when you choose audiobooks, and it will give you the choice to resume where you left off. That is for tagged books being played in album mode. The players have folder navigation as well, however if you play part of a book in folder mode, some music, then turn off the player, when you turn it back on the player won't remember which audiobook file it was in the middle of playing. The Fuze and Clip+ work well with most headphones 16 to 32 ohms, however they don't work so well with headphones much over 32 ohms(they don't do a good job powering my 64 ohm Sony V6), and won't work so well with headphones under around 100 db/mw. The sound quality on the Clip+ and Fuze is quite good, however the equilizers on them don't work well and imo should be avoided.
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