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Originally Posted by Dreamnine View Post
Get the A729 over the E any day.
Could you specify more why? In the review they mentioned that audio was more than decent - and should be the same as the A729(?). I'm assuming this as the S540 should be the same as the A729.(?)

Originally Posted by e340 ABI Review
With the E340 and the S540, the A/B test confirmed what I already expected: the two sound the same. Exactly the same. More so, the "SP optimizer" that the E340 is missing didn't seem to make any difference to the sound quality at all, certainly not enough for anyone to care. Bottom line, the E340 is as well sounding a player as its bigger brother.
The specs for the E445 I believe are marginally different but rather the same. Here they are:

Alarm clock or timer or even radio are relatively unimportant for me. Features I would really like but neither have is mic recording and line-in recording ...but we're talking about Sony and not iRiver & Cowon. If I need those features I figure I can reach for my ifp799 although less convenient.
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