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Originally Posted by ermintrude75 View Post
To pitch in on the podcasts tangent, if the 545 had the ability to play all podcasts in a folder sequentially then it would posisbly tip the balance for me. I have some audiobooks from CD which are set up as many short chapters where this would be ideal.
Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
That might be possible in folder mode....with normal playback mode, if each chapter was numbered right in the tags....but I've never tried so I can't be sure.
Marvin's right. You could just label the file names (for Folder mode) or the ID3 tags (for Album mode) correctly and an audiobook would play back sequentially.

But, in the S545, the audiobook files would have to be placed in the Music directory which means that if you listened to some music in the middle of your audiobook you would have to remember which audiobook track you left off on and would have to manually scan to the position of the track where you paused it.

On the S63x/S73x, you could put the audiobook tracks in the Podcast folder. You would have to manually select the track that you left off on, (which is easy because "unlistened to" podcasts have a "new" label on their icons - the "new" icon goes away after you have listened to that track) but the player will remember the track's position where you left off.

One of the downsides of the S63x/S73x Podcast folder (that I forgot to mention before) is that the player will not play PodcastTrack1> PodcastTrack2> PodcastTrack3> continuously. After each podcast track is played the player goes back to the podcast menu, not the next track. This is the same whether it's an audio-only or video podcast. In the case of audiobooks, I like to rip each of my audio CD's into one long track. That way you only have to select a new "podcast" file after you listen to a full CD, instead of after each individual track.


Edit: Regarding the NC headphones, maybe other Sony NC headphones would work? I don't know if the S739's NC feature only works with the headphones that came with the S739, or with all Sony NC headphones. And I'd keep the S739 instead of looking at an S545.

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