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I am a great avidemux fan. With it your can get partial conversion with A-B start-to-end points. That's great to convert TV shows recordings coming from a PVR. The video filters (color, sharpening, etc) are also quite easy to use.
What is even better is that you can add your favorites conversions settings to the menu (every conversion is a javascript instructions suite). There is an amazing standard script you can use as a template to calculate the black bars in order to always get a fixed final geometry (like 320x240px for me) whatever your source movie image ratio. This could be an interesting feature for you Unanimated.

But, I can't get a working x264 mp4 for my Sony Walkman from avidemux.

About Handbrake, I still have to try it as DVD converter, but the ipod profiled x264 mp4 files it creates are fine for my Sony. I must just add that Handbrake is not very stable on my openSUSE/KDE4 machine. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it leaves a ghost window in my taskbar after I close it.

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@Unanimated: Do you use your P3 as a MTP device ?
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