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Default Supply Problems Explained?

The following link to an article in the Sunday Times might explain the P3 32GB supply problem
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That may explain a lot. Does also have a shortage of Philips products as well?
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Apple are one of the worst for this, which is why it's rare to see any good deals on ipods. Shame to see Samsung are doing it too, but it would definitely explain why the stores selling it at 250 are getting stock and play aren't. I gave up on my play order a while ago.
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Default Samsung Contact

I might be being paranoid here... but it seems a strange coincidence that BT Shop, the other big discounter at 149.50, is also continually advising of delays in supply.

I have e-mailed Rachel Cameron (, the head of PR & press office at Samsung UK asking for an assurance that Samsung is not withholding supplies of the P3 32GB to because they are discounting from RRP.

If anyone still waiting wants to do the same then I would ask that you keep it polite as we need Samsung's co-operation albeit after a 'jab with a pointed stick'.
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Default P3 32GB now available at

It might be a co-incidence but are now offering 'in-stock' availability of the P3 32GB. This is, however, through a Play-Trader outlet and is priced at 204.99 with free postage.

Samsung may have compromised and allowed one of their dealers to sell through at a reduced price (compared to Argos etc... that is)

You can also go direct to the dealers site and get it now for 194.99 including postage.
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