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Smile O2 Userprog - SlideMaps1.0 -a bmp picture viewer


I have been dissatisfied with the O2's picture browser,
the main point being that it can't display 1:1 pixel mapping
with images larger that 480x272 or 150%,200% of that.

So now I'm working on a userprog that can do that, it's a work in progress.

Right now i'm here...

a scrollable images viewer that can display a single bmp file at a max size
of 5000 pixel in width. With zoom in/out a max 10 levels.

The purpose of the application is meant for slide able maps, charts,in large
images where 1:1 pixel mapping for reading small text is required.

Ok, ok, i got carried away with gimp

a 4800x3840 pixel Us Map with zoom 10(maximum)

a 4800x3840 pixel Us map with min zoom 1(minimum)

SlideMaps1.0 - Middle East - 6Mb

SlideMaps1.0 - USA -1Mb
Here it is the Link to the images, convert it to bmp and override the dummy.

SlideMaps1.0 - Usermap - Periodic table 2Mb

Stuff i plan to put on my O2 besides world maps is:
satellite map of my town, metro train routes and time tables,
star chart, block diagrams, schematics, anything where a lot of
useful information is packed in one large image.

Let me hear what you think, and will use it for

Just to be clear, the stuff below, is not needed for running the 3
applications above, its only if you want to add your own maps.

Ohh, right now, the only way the users can have many SlideMaps1.0-user.o2 working, at the same time and accessing different images files,
is by change the file name of the Slidemaps1.0-xxx.o2 and using a hex
editor to modified the bmp file name the program will load.

This is from Gnome commanders hexviewer of the file SlideMaps1.0-user.o2 at adr. x0005e260

Changing the last file name from 'slide_image_user' to 'what_ever_xxxx16'
should work, but it has to be the exact same numbers of characters and no invalid ones.

I wonder, if i can read the userprogs.o2 file name and then load the corresponding bmp file,
so the user can just copy and rename it. ?

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Thats some nice work you're doing, you should work for Cowon. Id like to put a map of my city transit system as well.
Cowon O2 with Etymotics er61's

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How about enabling google world/ocean maps ?

The train route in major cities seem like a really good idea.

Can you add your own map to what you've done ?
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Old thread,,,

New stuff in 2.0:

A File Browser with easy finger control.
PNG's is now supported along with bmp.
Configuration file for many of Slidemaps2.0 settings.
fully customize background images, buttons, bdf font, text / path colors, sounds.
Bitmap Crosshair(on/off) normal cross-hair(on/off) edge indicators(on/off)
Joystick Center movable,Joystick speed and dead-zone adjustable, invert direction control.
Quick Zoom
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