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Default Low battery screen then nothing.

My V Plus won't charge

First let me say I have let it set for several months without being used and the battery was low the last time I used it.

I tried plugging it in to a PC with a USB cable and here's what happens:

1. The screen comes on with a Low Battery screen.
2. The blue lights behind the play and back buttons flash.

This lasts about 30 seconds then it goes dark the blue lights stop flashing. When I try to turn it on while plugged in sometimes the blue lights will flash again but they never continue to flash. I tried the reset button and that didn't seem to do anything.

So I thought maybe it just wasn't charged enough for the USB cable to work (got a new laptop w XP so if the Zen would turn on long enough I think it would recognize the new hardware but it won't) so I found a mains charger (for a mobile with the same UBS 2.0 port) and I tried that and it's the same as the USB charger. it's been plugged in totally dark now for an hour but still nothing.

What can I do?
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