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Default Sony E345 - nearly perfect IMO, but some HUGE FRUSTRATIONS...


New here and thought I might chime in as I just purchased a Sony E345. I noticed some interesting points from the OP on this thread, and I agree with just about all the comments.

The player simply sounds great, but I expected that from Sony and through my decent headphones.

Screen is terrific, navigation is a bit clunky but livable.

Battery life seems very good and within expected norms so far.

I prefer the dockless, universal USB charging feature.

Size and form factor is unbeatable. The unit is so slim and while maybe a tad lighter than I would have hoped for, the case seems stiff and sturdy enough at this point. I also just used a piece of Invisible Shield I had leftover from my cell phone, cut it to size and have installed it on the E345. It should do wonders towards eliminating screens scratches. [btw, the Invisible Shield brand of screen protectors is awesome - supposedly Military Grade film...]

So I am almost in love with this Sony...but some HUGE ISSUES are sticking in my craw.

- It is HORRIBLE that I cannot create playlists on the device;

- It is UNBELIEVABLE that I cannot delete songs from the device;

- It is SUPER ANNOYING that I cannot append new songs/albums to the NOW PLAYING queue [whatever you are playing at the moment is removed as soon as you select and play something else].

After using many other MP3 players, I cannot tell you how much it really irritates me that these 3 basic abilities are missing from the E345. I understand it is the "budget" line, but as far as I am concerned, these abilities all fall under the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM category for MP3 players.

Missing these basic functions means that I MUST do everything while the device is connected to a PC.

WHY??? Isn't this an MP3 player which is supposed to be PORTABLE?

Am I crazy here or do others feel the same way?

I have complained long and loud to Sony tech support [sympathetic, but unable to offer real help].

Am I wasting my time hoping and praying for some kind of FW updates to address these oh-so-simple to remedy issues?

Also, on WIN XP, the device does indeed work with Winamp and Mediamonkey, but Winamp seems to be able to more fully work [MM sees the device, but cannot display an "all songs" listing...Winamp works perfectly with the device]. I did not install any of the included software.

<sigh> Sorry for the rant. But I just wanted to chime in here and voice my frustrations at Sony - this device is so close to being a home run for me that I am really P'Oed.

I am extremely curious to hear other users' experience with this device and in fact, with other Sony MP3 players since this is my first Sony player.

Thanks and cheers,
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