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Matt, thanks for piping in.

You must be right. Maybe my own expectations are actually higher than I think. I thought I was primarily concerned with the big 3 [sound quality, form factor, capacity], but perhaps my needs a bit more sophisticated than I thought.

Or maybe I have just been spoiled. Every previous mp3 player I have ever owned prior to this Sony has allowed me to do all the things I am ranting about. For some reason it really bugs me that for a portable device, I have to connect it to a PC to do so many things. This strikes me as being completely counter to the whole point of a portable mp3 device. I mean, I am not asking for tag editing on the device or anythign like that.

Thanks for sharing the info on your mp3 habits. 12GB might not be huge, but it's the content that matters, especially to you as an individual. My own collection is at 55GB and counting, not even including the nearly 1500 CDs I have yet to rip. With HD sizes/prices so low, I might start a medium term project and finally digitize the whole kit and kaboodle once and for all.

What also kind of hurts me is that I insist on at least 192kbits or better [vbr LAME only please] for all my mp3. While nowhere near as huge file sizes as the FLAC aficionados demand, I still managed to fill my new 16GB Sony by day two. I am constantly shuffling/deleting/adding music to the device, which is why on the go deletion/track appending to the now playing queue is vital for me.

Anyway...question for you please!

Just for kicks, I wanted to convert and test view a video on the E345. I read the device requirements, converted a file to the following:

60mb vid converted to:
30FPS [Sony tech support insisted on this]

Thing is, the video does not appear on the device Video menu. The pre-installed video is there and plays fine, but mine does not. I thought maybe the transfer had failed, but when I connected the device, XP explorer sees the file in the VIDEO folder.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

I am using MediaCoder and FormatFactory to convert the source video.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated...

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