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Strange ! I know that many Samsung players have different firmwares, MSC or MTP depending of the region.
By the way I can't say for sure which music manager supports folder cover art file and Flac files as well. I am somewhere close to the 1/8 of my CD collection conversion to flac and I still only use my mp3 and ogg files.

I use Linux, but from what I have briefly experienced, I have found WMP good at syncing and I liked Sony Media Go. I won't bet they are much flac or even ogg friendly. Have you tried Songbird? It supports most file formats.
I must say I had a lot of problems making it recognize my "folder.jpg" files. I don't know why all those softwares are always better at looking for Internet things than managing local files... I saw Songbird Windows v.1.2 supporting a Sansa Fuze but had no luck with my MTP Sony player. Still I can't say for sure that it uses the MTP album function when copying files to devices. The link is down now, but why not try their latest build?
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