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Old 12-26-2006, 09:14 PM
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Default My Short Review On My New Zen V Plus (Black: 2 GB)

I promise this isnt going to be a long, boring review. So I just purchased a Zen V Plus 2 GB, and I have to mention the screw ups at Best Buy that allowed me to get it at such a low price ($109.99). I had ordered a Zen V (NOT PLUS) online and selected the pick up in store option, and it said i could pick it up by December 24th, before it is cancelled. So I go to the store on the 23rd, and they tell me that they cancelled my order. When I Showed them my order confirmation page, which clearly stated that I had until the 24th, they realized their mistake, and gave me a 2GB PLUS version. Anyways, I love the player, its great. First, I know many people are concerned about the joysitck, but i have to tell them DONT WORRY. It certainly doesnt feel like its going to break, and I have HUGGGGE HANDS and I find it very comfortable to use and navigate through songs. The screen is great quality, pictures show up nice (I like the ability to personalize my wallpaper) The video is okay, the downside to it, is that the screen is so small. Still, I have a couple of clips that i watch multiple times, so its an added bonus. The one downside to this player, is that there is no rapid scroll. In other players, the longer you navigate up or down to scroll through items, it goes faster (for example, hit your bottom arrow, and watch as the screen scrolls down faster, the Zen V Plus doenst have that) However, the player makes up for this inability with the ability to search for songs by the first letter. I havent had a chance to use the Line-In recording yet, so I cant say much about it. This player is great with its ability to sync with outlook, and i think it was a good move by Creative to make the sync'd calendar "read only" because it would be impracticle to try and edit things. All In All..its a great player for those who like great music with great quality, and the Video is a real bonus...I give it 9/10
**oh and I guess it did turn out to be a long a boring review
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Old 12-27-2006, 11:55 PM
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Like you, I just purchased the Zen V Plus. I have to say I SETTLED for it. I had my heart set on the Zen M Vision with its 30GB capacity. This would hold most of my music collection, but I say Best Buy screwed me out of it. It was 199.00 on, but i had to purchase it at the store due to the many forms of payment I received for Christmas. Well, Best Buy would not give me the online price, which would have made it $250. For that price I could get an Ipod or Zune, so I got the 2GB Zen V Plus instead. I was debating between a hard-drive based player, or a flash based. I would like the capacity of a hard drive, but I'm too afraid that there would be an accident with it someday and render it totally useless. It's too soon to say how well I like this ZVP as I just got it today. I'm sure I'll have some opinions on it soon.
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