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Originally Posted by williambloke View Post
Well maybe someone can chime in who has also worked with Sonicstage. It creates all these folders and file names. When I ripped my CDs it created Atrac files. There are backup files etc. Looks like each time I back it up it creates copies of the folders. I had to follow this format because when I reformated my PC it thought i was a new PC and wouldn't allow me to add new files to the mp3 player. I had to re-rip the Cds again. The files are OpenMG format when I look at them. I have backup folders and files with just numbers. And some others labled as album names. So you are saying I can just drag these folders into the new MP3 player and it will group them by artist etc?

williambloke: I had no idea you have ATRAC files. Definitely you need advice from a SonicStage expert here!

Sorry to butt in but was trying to help...

Possibly you may wish to consider re-ripping your collection [if you end up having to do it anyway] to a universal, non-proprietary format like mp3 / aac [lossy] or FLAC [lossless].

I, like most other folks, generally stay as far away from proprietary formats whenever possible to avoid exactly the issues you are having now. Having your media in proprietary formats like ATRAC severely limits your options on all fronts, software and hardware alike.

Plus, as far as I know, there is no compelling reason [from a audio quality perspective] to choose ATRAC over mp3.

Properly encoded mp3 files are nearly indistinguishable from the originals - nearly everyone will be unable to tell them apart in listening tests.

Here are some links to Wikipedia with info on OpenMG and ATRAC...please note the criticisms/severe limitations of both. Also, see the link to info about SonicStage - it seems there may be better, open-source alternatives for this proprietary app as well.

Best of luck to you!


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