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Originally Posted by Unanimated View Post
Not yet, but I was planning on it when I get home. How can I get the Amazon video transferred from my VM to the non-VM computer, though?
From Amazon's Unbox help file:

Video Licenses
"Each video you purchase or rent comes with a limited number of licenses, which restricts the number of devices on which the video is viewable. Purchased videos can be downloaded to two different computers, and transfered to two portable (e.g., hand-held) video devices. Rental videos can be downloaded to one computer only and they can not be transferred to another computer. Additionally, rental video cannot be transferred to portable devices."

Releasing a Used License
"If you have already downloaded a video you have purchased to two different computers, and would like to watch it from a third computer, you must uninstall the Amazon Unbox application from one of the computers that currently contains the video. Uninstalling the application will delete ALL the videos you have downloaded to the computer and release the licenses for those videos, allowing them to be available for download on another computer. "

Making Backup Copies
"We recommend that you backup your Amazon Unbox files promptly after making a video purchase and completing a download. Amazon Unbox files can be copied to an external hard drive or a DVD or other removable media for the purpose of backup. Backups can then be restored using the Import function in the Amazon Unbox application. To locate where your Amazon Unbox files are stored, click on Help/Preferences in the application menu. The file location is listed in the "Video Folder Location" field. The default location for storing Amazon Unbox files is the "My Documents\My Videos\Amazon" folder. Each download may include two .wmv files (one main file containing the video and a preview file in the "Previews" folder) and a .amzn file (smaller format file optimized for mobile devices).
Please note: Amazon Unbox video files can only be viewed using the Amazon Unbox application. If you copy video files to a DVD or other media for the purpose of backup, the video will not be viewable using a DVD player or an application other than Amazon Unbox."

So basically, all you need to do is install the application on a new pc and import the files as long as you only have it active on one other machine. Alternatively, you download the videos again. It's not great but better than nothing.
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