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It depends on the bitrate the video is encoded at. Usually the player will play upto 1200 kbps no problem.

Occasionally files from torrents are higher than that or they spike up even if the average bitrate is 700 then the player freezes that frame. Hence the stutter.

Then again, you should try another ripper's stuff. eg. "FxG" "FXM" these guys rips stutter big time on this player. eg. G.I.Joe.

Same rip from another source, ExtrasceneRG, works perfect.

It could be down also on the type off encoder they use.

Still it's a nagging problem.

If you're willing to convert your videos then it will play them no problem. If you don't wanna convert them then for now some off your videos will be jerky unless a new firmware comes out.

Side Notes - I don't think it's due to it's CPU being power limited or something. I'd be damned if that was the case but that's highly unlikely.
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