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I read those articles and wrote the following code. I don't understand why it doesn't work..

-- get the previous highscores
    file ="highscore.txt", "r");
    highscore = file:read("*n");
and then later

The code works fine without this addition. What's wrong with it?

Thank you in advance
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Not sure exactly what the problem is... Does this give an "Error Occured" error, rather than just not working as expected? If so, you might want to try catching the error using pcall. You might use something like:

function wrappedCode(argument)
  -- Your code here, instead of the error line
  error "This would not be here if you had some code!"
success, message = pcall(wrappedCode, "String as argument")
After running, that would set the variable success to true when the code executed fine, or false if there's an error, as well as setting "message" to any error message that was given.

Hope that helps!
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