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Hi Guys. After lots more experimentation (and your helpful assistance), I have figured out some more things, which might help some other folk (on other forum threads):
1. To see what's on my X-Fi2, Windows Media Player MUST be in the SYNC mode (by clicking on that tab) not in the LIBRARY mode. I've changed many of the options so that it now only syncs when I tell it to do so - although that's still a bit "hit & miss" - but it seems to be working quite well now.
2. In Creative Centrale, the best way I've found to add a song to a playlist, is to right-click on an album/song/artist/all tracks etc. and click "Add to Playlist" then select the desired playlist (once you've created it, of course) from the dropdown menu. You can even add a whole album/artist/genre, etc. to the desired playlist.
3. Sorting can best be done in List View (icon at top right, 3rd line down), then click once or twice on the heading tab (ie. duration, artist).
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