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Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Haha agreed. But he's very unhappy because his computer won't even turn on and I was the one who put Rockbox in his Fuze. I'm not really sure what to do, but he has mentioned several times he wants to buy a genuine copy of 7. So maybe this won't be too bad.

Edit: So let me ask you this, Oober. If you use 7 and we do get it (I just checked my email and I got one from my mom asking which version would be best), which is best? Home Basic/Home Premium/etc?
Well which version depends on your computing needs. You can go to the MS site and check up on the different versions to decide. I would rule out Home Basic straight away...very feature limited. The version I settled on was the Professional Upgrade. Got it for half price when MS offered the deal if you pre ordered it last summer. Only difference between Pro and Ultimate version is Ultimate has multi-language support and data encryption. Where I live Ultimate sells for $349 now. Didn't think these added features justified the extra $200 cost. I bought the Win7 Pro Upgrade $119 (higher now I know).

I like Windows 7 alot. To me it's like a juiced WinXP. Very stable. No bugs, crashes, freezing etc. One surprising benefit is that Win7 is optimized for multiple processor systems. Since my system is quad-core when I installed it I noticed that my cpu temp actually dropped 3 degrees, then when I was running WinXP! And if you were to buy it just the fact that your copy was 'genuine' really gives you peace-of-mind?

Hope this helps Jabberwocky!
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rockbox crashes computer

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