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Old 01-24-2010, 10:39 PM
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Default Anyway to stop Fuze from generating folders on DB refresh (using Rockbox)

I'm running Rockbox on my Fuze, and I browse by folders. It isn't terribly bothersome, but I'd like to keep only necessary folders on my Fuze; I don't need "Pictures", "Video" "Records", etc. This is to make the everything a bit more neater when browsing (All I prefer to see is the "<microsd>" and "MUSIC" folders).

Going through and deleting all five or so folders from within RB every time I add files (and consequently, do a DB refresh) is more trouble than it's worth. I can also delete these folders while the Fuze is connected to my computer, and hard reset before I disconnect it, therefore booting into RB before it has a chance to refresh the database and restore the junk folders, but still, I often forget to do this.

One time I did run into that "not enough free space for database" (paraphrasing) error on disconnect, and upon rebooting into RB, the folders were not there...I thought that was a pretty good solution (I have no use for the OF, anyway). Since then, I have cleared some space on the internal memory, and the problem is back. I used a dummy file generator to use up any space remaining on the internal memory, so it would give me that error again, but it didn't work. I assume I have to first delete the existing database on the Fuze; what specific file is this (could it be a hidden OS file?)? Alternatively, will just deleting the Fuze-specific files altogether take care of this, or will they just regenerate too? Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry about the topic title. That should read "Any way".
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