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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Just tried a slotRadio card in my Rockboxed Fuze. When it's in the Rockbox firmware it can see the microsd card and any contents I've added to it. It does not see any of the slotRadio tunes even when the view settings are on "All".

When I boot back to the OF the slotRadio card plays like always. So Rockbox has not taken away the ability of the Fuze to play a slotRadio card. I have absolutely no DRMed files to test whether it still works with them.
Thanks :P . Ya, I'm not too worried about Audible support (which if I remember was what gets disabled by the Rockbox install), but it's good to know that when/if RB hits the Clip+ I won't lose my paid for SlotRadio cards, even if I have to boot into the OF to use them.
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