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Default please help... i'm stupid

Ok, so clearly I have no idea what I am doing with this Zen V. I finally figured out how to convert my music to the right type, and put it on the player. So I'm enjoying my music last night, and it suddenly freezes. All I did was scroll to the next song, and BAM .. nothing. I could not figure out how to reset it. It eventually died from low battery, because I tried to turn it on this morning and it only said "low battery". So I plugged it into the computer (USB) because I do not have a wall charger (just ordered one last night). After about 1 hour, I unplugged to see if it would turn on again, and it did. The screen went to "Creative" then "Zen V" and then it said "Rebuilding Library".
Can anyone tell me what that means? Why did it freeze? I've been seeing a lot about firmware. WTH is that? Do I need it? Or do I just have a messed up Zen. Please help!
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Default update firmware

update your RIGHT NOW

go there and fill out the information
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Hiya, Courtney!

To make a long story short, the firmware (the program your player uses to manage its operations - the firmware is for the player what Windows is for a computer) that originally comes with the player is buggy (as seems to be the case with all Zens), which causes these lockups.

The good news is, the firmware is easy to update. Just go to the site that creativedog posted. Select your region and language and press "Go".

Next, select your product (MP3 Players) and type (Zen), and select the player you have (either a Zen V or a Zen V Plus). Choose carefully, because the firmware for one player may not work in a different player.

Finally, select the type of download you want - or just simply press "Go". Then find the latest firmware version and download it. Download it to your desktop so you can find it easily.

Once you've downloaded it, simply plug your player to your computer, and double-click the firmware file you downloaded. The rest is automatic.

Oh -- and when you get a chance, charge your player fully.
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I still haven't had any problems with the firmware on the zenv... yet.
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Thanks creativedog & ZenChick. Everything seems to be working just fine now!!
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