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Originally Posted by Shadows1990 View Post
Thanks for that hawkshot, I'll give it a shot, and report back

edit: Just done some poking around in the file's metadata. I couldn't get AtomicParsley to work, so I used MediaInfo.
From the looks of things, it doesn't actually add anything to the video's properties. The 'date modified' in the properties confirms this.
Anybody got any more info on this?
Hey, I just joined the forum and saw your question. I have used the Zune software to change the info (metadata?) of many videos, have taken them out of the collection and moved them to an external drive, then when I want them back I move them back into the collection, and all of the information is still there that I had edited within the software.

However, I haven't found any software that actually shows that information (such as what type of video: music; description, etc.). Media Info doesn't. So I'm not sure exactly where it is stored, but maybe this information will be of help to you, it seems that it must have gone with the file because it was no longer in my collection when I moved it out. And I have since upgraded to the new software and even ran the collection reset tool before I put it back in my collection.
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