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Originally Posted by eddyesi View Post
Mine doesent, cant change the player volume when its plugged in and playing/charging, buttons dont do anything?
You are right. I based my last comment on a previous poster's answer to that question. I ordered my DCC-NWC1 last month because it was on clearance but have never even opened it up. This morning I plugged it in to my 12v outlet and I don't have volume control through the Walkman either, only through the car stereo (but I do have full menu control). To me that is encouraging because it acts line a line-out and not like a headphone-out. Althuogh I don't know why you would need a high/low switch if it was a line-out. The user manual confirms that the volume control on the Walkman will be disabled when plugged in.

I wasn't able to connect the audio line-out to my car stereo though since my line-in connection is on the back of the head unit. Which means I can't comment on any noise issues (My head unit has a USB input so I use a 16GB thumb drive for all of my car music - and in case anyone is wondering, my S545 will connect via USB to my head unit but the folders show up in a random order. Some folders show up as dashes with no music in them and some play fine. The S545 is locked out like it is when connected to a computer. I'll keep my MSC thumb drive.)

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