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Old 02-01-2010, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
There are several versions of V1 firmware.
Ok, I make it simplier:
In this thread Mp3NuTcAsE says that he's got a Fuze V1 revision 1.13 and a Fuze V2 revision 1.41...:
The early V1(Rev. 1.13) has some rather unwanted problems/qualities in my book. It is very LOUD(not necessarily a bad thing), BUT this kills the Bass quality, and causes the unit to "skip"-sound cuts out- at higher volumes. I believe this is due to a higher current drain on the battery, since this happens all the time except on a full charge. EDIT: This seems to be fixed in later V1 models(Rev 1.41)..there are different revisions of the V1 circuit boards.
On my understanding, these numbers are not firmware revisions, he talks of hardware "circuit board" revision/version...
SO, I guess he disassembled the two V1 he'got, as I do not see any reference to the kind of hardware revision in system info in my fuze, and considering that I will have no way to see if the V1 I will receive is 1.13 or later rev., now I am worried that if I will receive a 1.13 rev. it will clip, and unfortunately only someone who is sure that he also got a 1.13 rev and his one does not clip can calm my troubled mind (nah, just exagerating now).
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