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Originally Posted by nebre8d View Post
I noticed in the menu on my ZVM that I can add a password for protected content. Is there a way I can make some files (either audio or video) protected so I have to use my password to listen to them?

Or, is that function for something else? Thanks.
Sort of yes, sort of no. When you get your password set, and you go and mark which folders in videos and photos are private, you just go back to the system menu and choose Hide. All that really does is hide the folders you've marked, and to unhide them in the System menu, one has to supply the password.

I've not tried this with regular music files, but I'm not sure if it would or would not work. My guess is it would.

But, there is no way to password protect a file or folder like what I think you're asking - where it's still shown, but when you press play you'd get hit with a prompt asking for the password. There isn't a way to lock anything like that on the player - just the ability to hide things.
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