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Default SOS: fixed lines (or dead pixels?)

Hi guys,

New Zen V+ owner and forum noob here.

Please help

My Zen V+ OLED screen has three black fixed lines (dead pixels?), two horizontal and one vertical, right there almost in the center of the display. I’ve had them only after a week of purchasing my player (mid-December). At first there was only a single faint vertical line then eventually two more appeared. They do impair the display quality and is starting to irritate me. I pushed the re-set button twice already, hoping that this would address the problem, but they’re still there.

I have already emailed Creative’s technical support regarding this and am still waiting for a reply.

Anybody else experienced this? Do you suppose this could be addressed by a firmware upgrade or should I have it returned and get a new unit instead?

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hi ther,
i'm new here too. i have the same problem, my zen v plus started to show a single blue vertical line along the left side of the screen last December 26. it appears when the player starts up and it goes away after some time, but comes back on every now and then. i haven't sent an email to creative tech support yet. i'm still under warranty since i've had the player for only a month and a hallf (bought it mid-november). i'm still observing it, if more lines start to show, i'm going to have the player replaced.
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Sounds like the screen going bad. A few dead pixels are one thing (and Creative probably won't replace a player with fewer than seven of them), but entire lines are quite another. Definitely either return the player to where you bought it and get it exchanged, or contact Creative for a warranty RMA.
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my zen v plus is one weird device!!!
i finally had the chance to go to the store to show them the problem with the blue line on the screen. whe i got there, i turned the player on, the blue line has appeared during start up all the time since Dec 26, but for some reason when i was at the store the blue line wasn't there. i looked like a fool there trying to convince the sales clerk that something's wrong with it, but nothing, no dead pixels, no line, nothing. 5 minutes after i left the store i looked at the screen again, low and behold the blue line was there!!!
anyway, at least the store clerk assured me that i could have it replaced if more lines appeared.
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