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Originally Posted by JJLoke View Post
perhaps the cursor u can borrow the function from Zap's code
I'm not sure if I can use that, his code is a lot different than mine.
But anyway I already fixed it, it was just 1 line that wasn't in place (it was above another line while it was supposed to be underneath it...) I guess I was too tired to notice that last night

Originally Posted by Idroy View Post
Wow, that new keyboard looks very good .

About the lag, there is little because this one only scrolls up and down.
I added left-right scrolling, and then there is a bit more lag.. Maybe I'll disable left-right scrolling, I have to see..

Originally Posted by Habhome View Post
I just remembered another thing I wanted to inform you about. It's about the character count and line info. It's sometimes there, and sometimes not. And it isn't counting very good either. When you feed a new line it doesn't add it until you've written at least a character on it.
Aah you noticed Yes, the counting was in the wrong place in the code, that's why it didn't get updated properly. I fixed that now.

I'm working on adding user-switchable colors and cursors and then I'll upload V2

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