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Originally Posted by musiq View Post
Just read your post. Interesting. I have a similar problem; I can't hear or speak using the BT headset. But if I choose the voice to phone option on the player, I can both hear and speak to the other party. If it is a profile issue between the phone, player and headset IN LAYMANS TERMS, how do first discover if this is the issue and secondly, how do I resolve it. Keep in mind I'm a novice's novice.
In layman's terms, the only way to discover a problem is trying to pair and use the devices together. So in other words, you're somewhat limited in what you can do. The best you can do is wait for someone else to test the combo out to see if it works out. Insuring both devices are the same revision of BT is great but it offers no real, 100% compatibility. Motorola, Broadcom, Toshiba, and Microsoft (or anyone else) all can create a BT stack (software/firmware to control the BT hardware) compliant to whatever prevailing standard but it is not a guarentee that it will work perfectly with 100% of the devices out there with the same standard. It's a crap where there is a high probability of winning but a crap shoot none the less.

It's the same with USB devices. You can have some USB devices that just seem to not work well with some computers. It could be hardware. It could be software/drivers.

Standards are great but they don't always work out the way people plan. Some BT stacks simply don't work well with other BT stacks. Some hardware doesn't work well with other hardware. There is little one can do about it unless you have the ability to write a BT stack and design hardware.
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