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Figured it out!

I was doing the opposite of what I should have been doing. Instead of pushing in my Etymotics deeper and deeper, while swishing them to find that sweet spot, what I really should have been doing wa testing them while they were lightly pushed in. Apparently, when I push them in too far, my irregular ear canal makes it so that the sound is a bit less than the right, and little noise is canceled. But! When I have them in only a bit, everything's fine, which is just sort of weird to me...

The other music player was just a coincidence (me putting my Etymotics in at the right spot) apparently.

The same does not apply to the right ear, which is why I was trying to get them in deeper, and at the same time, swivel them to try to find the "sweet spot". The right ear works no matter how far I push them in.
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