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Originally Posted by writedoc View Post
Ruining the picture! You've got to be kidding! The screen is only 1.9-inches! In any case, this is what I'm doing to get my movies (already converted from original DVDs using FairUse Wizard 2 and stored on my hard drive) to fit the screen. I run the movie through XMedia Recode. Start XMedia Recode; Open the required movie; use the following settings: SanDisk, SanDisk Sansa Fuze (avi), Filter Resolution-Video Size 224x176, Aspect ratio 4:3, Zoom Pan Scan; typically, I use the defaults for all the other settings. Then click on Add Job and Encode. After conversion run the file through the Sansa Media Converter to add it to the Sansa Fuze. The quality is acceptable for emergency situations (eg, waiting in a hospital emergency room, etc); in addition, I would avoid trying to convert any movies that include a lot of quick movements!
Ahh thanks for the heads-up. I've just started using Xmedia on a recommendation from someone in the Sansa View forum. It does a good job of conversion but I guess you still have to run it through SMC because I was getting 'unsupported file format' errors when I tried to play the converted Xmedia video. I'm still trying to find a 1 step solution to video conversion for my v1 Fuze!, aside from using Rockbox.
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