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Originally Posted by NeatoMosquito View Post
I have the same problem, about three months ago i dropped mine from my nightstand. Now i had dropped it from my car's window (not moving) i was replacing some home theater speakers, dropped it from there, no problem. but this time when it landed, it did so screen down, got a nice crack in the upper right corner. Had absolutely no problems at all for about a month and then all of a sudden certain areas of the sudoku screen wouldn't respond unless i pressed extra hard, was no longer able to access the microphone, which i could sorta live without. but as soon as i lost radio i was done. My p3 is still within warranty so i called up samsung yesterday, they e-mailed me a ups shipping tag and asked me to find a suitable package for shipping, im sending it today.
...But you dropped it? Hence your fault?

Only choice left is to send it back on the warrenty, OP. Hope it gets fixed!
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