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Here what I know:

1. The X-Fi 2 allows you to navigate by Album, Genre or Artists. Playlists created on the player are made by adding the tracks to the "Now Playing" list. (You then save it by selecting "Save as Playlist".) If you want to add an individual track to "Now Playing", you need to navigate to the track through its artist, genre or album. When you are at the list of tracks, select the menu object, and then select "Add Tracks". This changes the view so you can select one or more tracks, and then select "Yes" at the bottom and the tracks are added. I think they are added in alphabetic order. I add them one at a time so I am not sure.

2. I do not think there is any way to do this. I think you are stuck with Album, Artist and Genre.

3. As you have discovered, the X-Fi 2 uses the MP3 tag info to display tracks. There is no support for folder navigation or selecting folders for playing tracks. This is why you will see folks occasionally post a recommendation that all tracks have proper and complete tag info or they will "disappear" from the player. It seems like you have found the best work around for managing your tracks by folders by tagging them with the name.

I hope this helps.
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