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Default Questions from Prospective Buyer

First, I've read a lot about how the joystick is a lot easier to use than it is, so I just feel like asking to be sure though I don't see it as a huge problem (I have small hands)

Second, how's the loading times (in use, not transfer)? I'm pretty big on processor speed as I tend to skip songs.

Third, and probably most importantly, how's the battery life typically? It says 15, CNet says 20, saw a couple others that say around 17-18. Obviously CNet does more of a "let it sit there idley" test to get 20, but in practical use, how long does it last usually?

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds.
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the joystick is alright i guess. no rapid scroll though.

well it's pretty average, but if you get it, download the firmware upgrade. it performs better.

at first, my zen v plus' battery life was like 12-14 hours. but now it's like 16-18 hours. watching videos on this will drain the battery wayy quicker.
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Yeah i think they mean 18 hours reffering to only listening to music. Watching vids will drain it pretty fast. the joystick is not a problem.
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