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Default P3 Sound Quality Compared To YP-Q1

I have the YP-Q1 from Samsung and am seriously considering the 32gb P3, thing is how does it compare in (for me) the most important area, sound quality and feel?

Firstly is the sound quality the same?

And firstly AGAIN as they are both as important to me, does the feel, perseption, call it what you will of the music sound the same?

I have the Sansa Clip also and love the sound out of that for some kinds of music, but over the whole span of music I listen to, (from Classical to Thrash/Death Metal and most points in between), I prefer the Q1.

I'm upgrading because of lack of space, so it has to be a 32gb player, but if somebody has a better suggestion I'b also be more than happy to consider anything in the same sort of price range as the P3 as idealy the player would sound as good as the Q1, but NOT be touch screen and have good old fashioned BUTTONS.
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I own all Samsung mp3 players and they sound the same.
The P3 sounds perfect like the Q1 and has even less background noise on the output.
There is also the Samsung M1 I'm currently reviewing for gmp3 but I guess it is overpriced. It's better than the P3 but too expensive.

Have a look at the Cowon S9, it's the best competitor of Samsung P3/M1 so far
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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Thanx for the info, I'll have a look at your suggestions.


Had a good look around at your suggestions, but really both your idea are slightly out of my reach price wise!

So I'll widen the range a bit, anybody know of any 32gb player with BUTTONS that is as good or better in the sound department as the Q1/P3. Idealy the same sound as them!

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