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Default P3 Maintenance?

Good day to everyone,

Long story short I betrayed every fiber in my body and got a ipod classic...bad mistake... crapped out within 2 years and I came back to the one place I know that has a great view and reviews of other mp3 players. Settled for the P3 which is a great player and I love the drop in and go feature for the videos.

I came across this problem though yesterday where I had a song playing, but when I went to change the song, everything slowed down: the music slowed down noticeably and the UI as well. So I figured, defrag it because I've been using the heck out of it for videos (700mb+). Did it a little bit this morning but didn't get done. Now I've had going for at least 2 hours and it's only at 28% compacted.

I'm guessing the answer to all would be to reformat and rebuild, but do ya'll have any other suggestions?

PS again sorry about the ipod, I feel like a fool falling for that piece of crap, seriously.

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Defragging may not have been the best option here. If you've done alot of adding/removing songs and if your computer reports the player is highly fragmented, you're better off just reformatting and re-syncing your data. I think that is the preferred method most people on this site would suggest. It could turn out to be faster that a defrag on a flash drive.

What is the capacity of your player? I'm assuming it's a P3 since you are here. Of this capacity, how much of this are you using? Better yet, how many songs do you have on the player?

Everything slowing down....were you listening wired or via BT?
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As bad as iPods are, from my personal experience, they are a lot more reliable than most Samsung MP3 players
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The size is 16GB and I was adding and deleting quite a bit of movies (around 700mb). It is and has only had about 2GB remaining and I was using a wired headphones. It was very odd and I didn't know if it happened to anyone else.

What I mean by "Everything slowed down" is the tempo of the music slowed, the reaction of the UI slowed down to about 1/6 of the normal time.

By the way, the defragmenting (which did get everything back to normal) process took in total of about 2 hrs, so I guess I would be better off just reformatting.

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