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Are you sure it's really soldered, and NOT using ACF ("Anisotropic Conductive Film")?

If you do a web search for Anisotropic Conductive Film (and "rework") you'll find that this is the predominant means of connecting flex-to-PCB, and while repair IS possible, it's not for the faint of heart.

If anyone has been able to successfully rework the LCD flex on the e200 series (V1), please post your experience (and, IF you were able to do so using gear available to Mere Mortals, rather than the uber-$$$ equipment that the real ACF repair shops use). I've got one that seems to be OK except for a dodgy flex job -- everything looks intact, and the player is completely functional, but the display is all futzed up (as is to be expected if one or more of the connections has gone bad).

I've wondered it it'd be possible to carefully separate the flex termination, carefully clean the contacts, and then buy some AC/Film on ebay, and rig up a hot-bar tip for a soldering pencil.
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