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I would, but again, I don't know how. I only tried on programming 4 days ago. Simply rearranging blikbliers program to something that made more sense to me made it not work anymore.

I'm trying to learn how to program, but I'm learning through experimentation with this program. All I've really figured out so far is how to change what's on the screen, and how to change x and y coordinates.

I meant no disrespect when I took this on. I'm not trying to "steal" blikblier's program. No matter how many changes I make it will still be his/her program. I left the title as Gunz in order to emphasize that. I really don't want to compete against him/her. I'm trying to help make a program that people enjoy, I'm not trying to steal the limelight.

Could you please just let me do this?
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