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Default Is it any sense at all to wait for M1 in USA ?

Hi all !

I am wondering if there is ANY sense at all to wait for M1 release in USA ?
I am sort of pessimistic after many months of waiting and seeing nothing on the horizon.

I wanted to have something with good sound quality so I can listen to FLAC with quality headphones (I have Audeo Phonac ) , BT so I can use it while jogging and don't want wires, Rhapsody support and microSD slot. M1 is the only one which has all those features.

Unfortunately it looks like Samsung doesn't care at all about their high end players in USA, most likely because they don't think they can make any inroads into Ipod domination.
May be the were disappointed by P3 sales and decided to stop any attempts at all in term of high-end players, but don't want to declare this officially ?

I start thinking that Sansa Clip (which I already have) or Clip + for music/Rhaspsody only and Ipod touch or Zune for the rest might provide same set of features for the price of M1 32G ordered abroad.
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I'm wondering the same thing. It is 6 months after the announcement and there is no hint that it will ever be sold here.
It costs $500 to import the 32 gig model from Korea, I'm thinking about doing it. It's the only player on the market that has all the features I want.
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Have you checked what's happen with warranty exchange/repair if something going wrong ? Would Samsung USA take care of the issues or everything should be done with Samsung South Korea and/or importer ? I even don't know if there is ANY coverage since player is not sold in USA.
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If I can't get it, with a warranty, from at least B&H Photo here in the USA I'd pass. I'm not willing to deal w/an imported dap that might not be able to get repaired if something goes wrong.

My old Samsung Q2 died, and the warranty I got through B&H Photo is 1st class.

'nuff said!!!
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dont wait M1, just get P3
i hope Google will release DAP to fight Apple Ipod & Microsoft Zune
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